Our Staff

Musical Director

There is no one better qualified to serve as our Director than Professor Marita Valdes.  Having taught piano for over 40 years,  Prof. Valdes is an expert at teaching blind and autistic children as well as teaching music teachers the art of teaching music and directing and organizing music performances. 

Director & Prof.  Marita Valdes  
Mgr. Karina Schmitt
Prof.  Raul Rivas
Prof.  Yeramis Acosta
Prof.  Legna Garcia  
Prof.  Evelyn Garcia Marquez 
Prof.  Jessica Redonadas  
Prof.  Jennifer Redonadas  
Prof. Legna Garcia  
Prof.  Ariel Remos
Prof.  Mayito Barreto  
Prof.  Katherine Alexander
Prof.  Domingo Porto  
Prof.  Marita Valdes